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You need a legal team you can trust to help you through probate and estate administration.

If you have been named the personal representative of a friend or loved one's estate and want a dedicated professional by your side, turn to the experts at O'Donnell & Barr Law Group, Inc.


Expect the very best legal team to be by your side. Let our proven experience and success guide you through the probate process, including the handling of the following:


-Locate Original Wiil

-Estate Probate Process

-Establish Estate Banking Acoount

- Locate Will

- Enter Probate

- Identify, locate and collect assets of Estate

- Identify and pay debts of Estate

- Prepare necessary Estate tax returns

- Assist in resolving a Estate Disagreement


You need legal advice you can count on to get you through this difficult process. Trust in a company with a proven track record of compassion, dedication, and expertise.

Choose effective probate legal services.

Don't step foot into probate on your own - turn to our experienced estate administration team.

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